Preparation, communication, readniness and mobilization are the key components to successfully managing a disaster. We pride ourselves on being one of the best in this field. With our 20+ years of servicing clients out of Florida we’ve had our opportunities to prove this to our Clients.

DynaServ is viewed as being critical to the restoration of Florida after a major event and being one of the first responders out the door. Our number one priority is to aide in the restoration of over 800 electric utility sites so our Client can get their power back up and running to their customers. Simultaneously we prepare and mobilize to all of our contracted Clients.

We have a three-step approach to disaster recovery. First we get the roadways and walkways opened up for vehicle and pedestrian movement so it’s safe for our Clients. Secondly, after all of our Clients have been serviced, we come back and gather up all the large debris and remove from the Client sites. Lastly, we do our final detailed cleanup and restoration work, including any trees that need to be removed or re-staked, and any plant material that needs to be removed due to damage.

Our team has the ability to go out-of-state as well as enlisting our partnering businesses in that area to assist us when required. We work around-the-clock as needed placing safety as our first priority for our personnel.

At DynaServ you can always count on us to be there when you need us.

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